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About Renaissance Society

We are a social club with interests in the arts, sciences, and philanthropy.

Our Mission

To drive creativity, prosperity, and the advancement of the human condition.


Our Values

How we drive creativity? By creating real-world opportunities for individuals to express their imagination, art, and talent.

How we drive prosperity? By attracting and retaining individuals that align to our interests and values. Then, aligning resources to make investments that will attract wealth and drive growth.

How we advance the human condition?  By creating a culture of giving back. Also, by inspiring others to invest in their intellect and the right skill sets that will yield a better quality of life.

The Team

Gabe Henry

Founder & President

With over 8 years in technology and 20 years in music experience, Gabe has built a diverse background that has inspired him to bring like-minded people together. He has a love for art, science, philanthropy and entrepreneurship.  

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Armand Etienne

Executive Director

A Dayton, Ohio native, is a dynamic professional deeply immersed in business, finance, and leadership. As the Branch Manager at Peoples Bank in Madisonville, Cincinnati, he inspires excellence in his team. Armand also serves as the Executive Director of the Renaissance Society. His journey spans the arts, athletics, and banking, highlighting his commitment to growth within his network and the community.

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Our Social

Upcoming Events

Renaissance flyer.png

Renaissance Society Gala 2023

Nov 4th | The Northern Kentucky Convention Center

This is a black-tie event that is designed to bring the local community together to support local talent and inspire new avenues of business and creativity. There will be business professionals from all over the nation and the city in attendance to socialize and enjoy the night out.

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